Avis, Budget accused of false advertising

Alleges car rental firms advertise prices not attainable due to additional fees.

OTTAWA — The Competition Bureau has accused rental car companies Avis and Budget as well as their parent company of false or misleading advertising.

The federal agency has filed an application with the Competition Tribunal seeking $30 million in administrative penalties and refunds for consumers from Aviscar, Budgetcar and Avis Budget Group Inc.

The bureau alleges Avis and Budget advertise prices that are not attainable due to additional fees imposed during the rental.

It also says the fees are characterized as taxes, surcharges and fees that governments and agencies require Avis and Budget to collect.

“In fact, Avis and Budget impose these charges to recoup part of their own cost of doing business,” the bureau said. “As a result, consumers end up paying higher prices or receiving lower discounts than advertised.”

The company denied the allegations in an e-mail.

“Avis Budget Group has always adhered to core values of commitment, responsibility and integrity, and our marketing and advertising efforts are therefore intended to at all times demonstrate transparency and honesty, including the manner in which we present rates and services,” Avis Budget Group said.

“We look forward to the opportunity to set forth these facts to the authorities at the appropriate time.”

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  1. wilson collins says:

    this is such BS…first they all do it, and they all should be charged. they invent the most insane charges and they are always different, between companies and each city. total scam. for example the “free” shuttle is anything but…look at your bill ..”airport recovery fee” this is what you are being charged for that shuttle. even bigger scam on this fee is that its more if the rental is longer…yet you only use the shuttle going and coming like everyone. law should be passed that with the exception of insurance and up sells like gps all charges must be included in the main price.

  2. Jerry Schofield says:

    BRAVO!! Maybe now the US authorities will do something! Avis and Budget are masters at “reprogramming” your rental charges.

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