Avcorp signs agreement with BAE for fighter jet

July 22, 2010   by PLANT staff

VANCOUVER: Avcorp Industries Inc. has signed an agreement with BAE Systems Operations Ltd., to produce a wing assembly for a F35 CV-OBW, a version of the Joint Strike Fighter jet—a contract that could be worth half a billion dollars over the coming years.

Avcorp has been chosen as the single-source supplier for the outboard wings that are on the navy version of the F35, which is designed to take off and land from aircraft carriers and have folding outboard wings for ship storage.

“We’re building the entire portion of that structure from the hinge line in the wing to the outfold,” said Paul Kalil, Avcorp president.

The Vancouver-area company said it could receive $500 million in revenue over the life of the contract with BAE, which is part of a group of companies building the revolutionary F35C jet for the United States and other NATO countries.

The F35C is currently only required by the US Navy, but Kalil says that order may total 340 aircraft.

About 75 direct and indirect jobs will be created by this contract at Avcorp, as most of the manufacturing will be completed at a dedicated facility in Delta, BC with use of an extensive US and Canadian supply network.

Initial deliveries will begin in the middle of 2011 and potentially could continue through 2023.

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