ATS acquiring global healthcare systems manufacturer

March 29, 2010   by PLANT STAFF

ATS Automation expands its healthcare sector profile.

Photo: ATS Automation

CAMBRIDGE, Ont.: ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc. is acquiring the Sortimat Group, a global manufacturer of specialized assembly systems for medical products and pharmaceutical dosing devices.


The Cambridge, Ont.-based automation systems manufacturer and integrator said the $62 million Sortimat acquisition expands its global reach and offers growth opportunities in the healthcare sector.

“This acquisition gives us the critical mass to organize ATS marketing and divisions into a group focused on healthcare and we intend to grow our exposure to this attractive market by helping our customers differentiate themselves from their competitors,” said Anthony Caputo, ATS’s CEO.

Sortimat, headquartered in Germany, has significant experience in advanced system development, manufacturing, handling, and feeder technologies and has delivered more than 2,500 programs to global companies, said ATS in a release.

Its flagship assembly automation and handling operations are located near Stuttgart where it employs more than 70% of its 450 employees. Sortimat also has locations in Chicago and a small, 60% owned joint venture in India.