Agropur invests $3.7M in its BC waste water treatment

April 15, 2010   by PLANT staff

LONGUEUIL, Que.: In order to meet the Capital Region’s sewage treatment requirements, Agropur has invested $3.7 million in its Island Farms milk processing plant in Victoria, BC to ensure that its production by-products are no longer discharged into the sewers.

The company decided not to wait for proposed regional sewage treatment system because there was too much uncertainty about timelines. It’s investing in a dissolved air filtration (DFA) treatment system that will treat and neutralize 100% of the dairy production effluents.

The Victoria plant processes more than a million litres of milk a week, or 60 million litres every year.

Agropur, a dairy industry co-operative with 3,533 members, employs 367 Island Farms employees on Vancouver Island and mainland BC.

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