AFS tests CNG technology on Indian three-wheel vehicles

August 10, 2010   by PLANT STAFF

Bajaj’s three-wheeled CNG delivery vehicle undergoing testing at AFS headquarters in Calgary.

Photo: AFS

CALGARY: Alternative Fuel Systems Inc. (AFS) and its Indian partner Advantek Fuel Systems Pvt. Ltd. will be working with Bajaj Auto Ltd. on the development of a compressed natural gas (CNG) three-wheel commercial delivery vehicle.


AFS, based in Calgary, develops and makes components for the automotive alternative fuel marketplace, mostly dealing with compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles. Products include electronic engine management controllers, natural gas handling components and the related software.

AFS president and CEO Jim Perry said Bajaj, the world’s fourth largest manufacturer of two and three-wheeled vehicles for global markets, has sent a prototype vehicle to AFS in Calgary for testing.

He said meeting performance, emissions and cost requirements is going to take a significant increase in the sophistication of the engine control equipment used on the smaller and more numerous vehicles.

Although AFS must remain tight-lipped about specific targets, Perry told PLANT the goal is to ensure driveability is good with minimal emissions across a broad range of operating conditions. The type of AFS engine control systems will be determined as a result of the testing. Cost optimization is another very important factor and he said balancing these parameters is the challenge.

“This vehicle is designed for use within major cities in India, where air pollution is a very serious problem,” said Perry. “By running on CNG using latest generation AFS technology, these goods carriers are expected to produce significantly less harmful emissions while offering better performance and fuel efficiency.”

AFS’s partner, Advantek Fuel Systems, is a New Dehi, India-based manufacturer and exporter of fuel conversion kits, pollution control equipment, multivalve, switches, sensors and gas conversion kits.

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