Switzerland is most ready to handle disruption, Canada is 17th: KPMG

Canada maintains top 20 standing out of 136 countries but drops three spots.

NEW YORK — Canada is among the most ready to handle disruption resulting from short-term disaster or longer-term demographic, economic, social and technological changes. But it has slipped three points since 2015, according to KPMG’s 2017 Change Readiness Index (CRI).

The CRI ranks 136 countries for their capacity to respond and adapt to significant change, breaking it down across enterprise, government and people/civil society. Canada is 17th on the list headed by Switzerland.

The global advisory firm observes European countries captured seven of the top 10 places. Switzerland replaced Singapore, which had claimed the top ranking in the 2013 and 2015 CRIs.

The UK entered the top 10 for the first time, strengthening its change readiness as the country prepares for Brexit.

The US also improved its ranking, rising to 12 from 20 in 2015.

KPMG tags migration as a significant driver of change for many countries. Countries with high CRI scores – including Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK – have greater shares of migrant population.

Here are the rankings (change since 2015):

Switzerland (+1)
Sweden (+7)
United Arab Emirates (+2)
Singapore (-3)
Denmark (+3)
New Zealand (+0)
Netherlands (+4)
Finland (+2)
Germany (+3)
United Kingdom (+3)
Norway (-7)
United States (+8)
Hong Kong (-10)
Australia (+2)
Ireland (–)*
Austria (+1)
Canada (-3)
Belgium (0)
Qatar (-12)
France (+6)

*Countries that are new to the 2015 CRI

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