Electrovaya gets $23M order for 40 Litacell-LC40s

German subsidiary Litarion wins order for 40 of the lithium ion cells

Electrovaya's Litacell-LC40 cell. Photo: Electrovaya

Electrovaya’s Litacell-LC40 cell.
Photo: Electrovaya

TORONTO — Electrovaya Inc.’s wholly owned Litarion GmbH subsidiary has received a $23 million purchase order to supply 40 Litacell-LC40 lithium ion cells to an American-based company.

The Mississauga, Ont.-based power cell innovator said the order received through Targray, an advanced materials supplier in the alternate power and energy space based in Kirkland, Que., is for 14 months (until January 2017).

The US customer was not identified.

The new 40Ah Litacell, available worldwide since October, delivers nearly 9,000 cycles at 1C/1C and 100% DoD).

“This is the first major order for our Litacell-LC40,” said Raj Das Gupta, Electrovaya’s vice-president of business development, who noted demand from the energy storage and e-mobility segments of the industry.

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