Gosling, Myers sing Canadian Xmas song on SNL [VIDEO]

Two Canadian stars yuk it up about their home and native land

December 8, 2015   by PLANT STAFF

Mike Myers and Ryan Gosling on SNL Dec. 5.

Mike Myers and Ryan Gosling on SNL Dec. 5.

‘Tis the season. Here’s some Christmas fun courtesy of Saturday Night Live.

Ryan Gosling opened his Saturday Night Live monologue Dec. 5 talking about growing up in New York. But SNL cast member Cecily Strong outed the actor as a native of Cornwall, Ont.

Mike Myers, a native Scarborough (in Toronto) sporting a Maple Leaf jersey, joined Gosling on stage to admonish him for being secretive about his Canadian roots, then the two launched into a Canadian Christmas Song.

Check out the video (5:50)

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