Reducing Tribological Losses and Failures

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November 27, 2019
SKF Canada Limited 40 Executive Court, Toronto, ON, M1S 4N4

Workshop and panel Discussion (Part 3) presented by the STLE Toronto Section.

• Talk 1: Cost savings through real total cost of ownership
Colin Lewis, P.Eng, Regional Sales Manager, SKF

• Talk 2: Formulating with synthetic base oils for improved lubricant performance
Cory MacLeod, PhD, Technical Service Manager, Lanxess Solutions US, Inc.

• Talk 3: How better oil sampling practices drive bottom line profitability
Bernie Hall, General Manager, Checkfluid

• Talk 4: Predictive Maintenance of Motors using Current Analysis, Vibration/Temperature, and Insulation Resistance Monitoring Devices
Christopher Barnes, P.Eng, MBA, Omron Industrial Automation

• Talk 5: Ultrasound Assisted Lubrication
Sean Miller, CMRP, Canadian Operations Manager UE Systems Inc.

• Talk 6: Bearing Damage/Failure Analysis
Devan Devalia, P.Eng, SKF Application Engineer

Contact: Ken Brown,

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