Embracing Change, Emerging Stronger: Focus of Partners in Prevention Health & Safety Fall Virtual Conference (Southern Ontario)

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October 20, 2021

As Ontario continues to deploy its pandemic Roadmap to Reopen strategy and businesses navigate the challenges of the ‘new normal’, what do employers need to know?

“Embracing change, Emerging Stronge,” is the theme of the Partners in Prevention (PIP) Health & Safety Fall Virtual Conference (Southern Ontario) on October 20; a tailored, condensed learning experience structured to address best practices and provide proactive strategies in a convenient four hour format.

Presented by Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS), PIP explores leading trends including:

  • psychological safety and mental health
  • creating a more resilient workplace
  • HVAC considerations
  • the evolving role of Joint Health and Safety Committees (JHSC)
  • practical tools to help overcome negativity bias and foster an environment of resilience and positivity

“The pandemic radically disrupted how we live, learn and work. In terms of workplace health and safety culture, it exposed gaps and flaws but also opportunities for a renewed commitment, growth and organizational transformation,” said Lynn Brownell, President and CEO, WSPS. “There are serious and long-term implications for health and safety programs. Our goal is to deliver the resources needed to adapt to the ever changing health and safety landscape with the understanding each business is on a unique journey.”

As businesses work to meet workplace safety requirements to ensure the security and well-being of their workforce, they are grappling with multiple economic and societal challenges, including the effective recruitment and retention of staff. With a growing body of evidence that suggests investment in human capital will yield a return in top talent, opening keynote speaker and best-selling author, Paul Krismer will discuss the important balance of personal and professional well-being and the serious business of positive emotion, while communication expert, Carla Rieger wraps the half day event with the artistry of change and top habits of highly resilient people.

“The pandemic prompted a reassessment of our lives and our work. Employee expectations have changed. Workers know what they want from their work and their workplace and priorities include safety on the job and a better work life balance,” said Brownell. “A healthy, safe, adaptive workplace contributes to stronger employee connections, increased engagement, and enhanced productivity leading to overall organizational excellence.”

Partners in Prevention Fall Conference (Southern Ontario) will be delivered in a virtual format on October 20.

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