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Join us for “Machines in motion: A safety primer” webinar tomorrow!

Join Manufacturing AUTOMATION, Plant and MRO tomorrow for an educational webinar on strategies for ensuring worker safety around constantly moving machinery.

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How to Fund Automation: Key Financing Trends for Canadian Manufacturers

Learn how equipment finance is evolving to keep pace with automation, matching solutions to ROI and providing as-a service and other tailored models.

Ford Motor Co. delays start of EV production at Oakville, Ont., plant until 2027

Ford Motor Co. is delaying the start of electric vehicle production at its plant in Oakville, Ont., by two years.

General Fusion partners with Canadian Nuclear Laboratories on commercial power plant design

General Fusion has launched a new project in collaboration with Canadian Nuclear Laboratories to advance the design of its commercial fusion power plant.

B.C. funds project to extract minerals, metals while reducing environmental impacts

The British Columbia government is funding a pilot project that it says offers the mining industry a path to significantly reduce the environmental impacts of extracting critical minerals.

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See The Drum Pump In Action! (video)

  • Recover coolant, hydraulic oils, spills, and chips
  • No moving parts
  • Maintenance free, quiet
EXAIR’s Reversible Drum Vac is a two-way pump that can vacuum liquids (like coolants) into an ordinary 55 gallon drum and then with the turn of a knob, pump it back out to another container. The all stainless steel pump can fill or empty a 55 gallon drum in 90 seconds. It’s quiet and has no motor to clog or wear out. Web site offers detailed information, application video, downloadable drawings and PDF literature. » Learn more…

Redefining the landscape

As the skilled labour shortage Canada’s manufacturing industry is experiencing worsens, the need for a plan becomes increasingly crucial. » Read More...

What's the big deal around combustible dust vacuum cleaners?

Why industrial combustible dust vacuum cleaners require expert design and the options available to remove and prevent concentrations of fugitive combustible dust that cause catastrophic secondary dust explosions. » Read More...

Why Cleantech need a customer-centric culture

Cleantech is a relatively new sector that is experiencing significant growth. To continue that expansion, we must put our customers’ needs, demands, and expectations first. » Read More...

Strive for capital efficiency with advanced manufacturing dollars

What do companies such as 3M, ABB, and Pepsico, have in common? All are involved in driving innovation and advanced technology, either as an inventor or user. » Read More...
Trending on CMO 

BlackBerry announces collaboration with AMD to support robotics industry

The platform combines BlackBerry® QNX® expertise in real-time foundational software solutions and the QNX® Software Development Platform with heterogeneous hardware solutions powered by the AMD Kria™ K26 SOM. » Read More...

Bluewaves Mobility selects Toronto mfg. partner to deliver ORAN radios

BMI brings together radio design and manufacturing to the greater Toronto area as it continues to execute its strategy to create a robust, resilient and secure North American ORAN supply chain. » Read More...