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Canadian government and U.S. co-invest on critical minerals projects

Canada and the United States are co-investing in Canadian critical minerals projects and working to strengthen supply chains.

VBI Vaccines expands partnership with Canadian government on a vaccine platform

VBI Vaccines Inc. has expanded its collaboration with the Government of Canada, supported by a funding contribution from the government’s Strategic Innovation Fund.

International Battery Metals and US Magnesium partner on DLE plant

International Battery Metals Ltd. announced an agreement with US Magnesium LLC for the installation of its modular direct lithium extraction plant installed at a brine resource.

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Limit Compressed Air Use

EXAIR’s EFC™ is a user-friendly electronic flow control for compressed air, designed to minimize compressed air use on blow off, drying, cooling, conveying and static elimination applications. The EFC combines a photoelectric sensor with a timing control that turns off the air when no part is present. The timing control permits easy tuning to the application requirements while providing flexibility in sensing distance. Web site offers detailed information, downloadable drawings. » Learn more…

How acquisitions can help expand production capacity

Custom work truck manufacturer Gincor Werx have announced the acquisition of Wiltsie Truck Bodies, helping expand their production capacity. » Read More...

A 3D printer aboard a ship

Could 3D printing disrupt parts manufacturing for ships in the future? University of New Brunswick’s Marine Additive Manufacturing Centre focus heavily on 3D printing and where it could be applied to find efficiencies in the shipbuilding industry. » Read More...

The sustainability responsibility

With an eye on the need for sustainability and environmental responsibility, supply-chain-analytics platform provider The Owl Solutions have introduced the Save a Tonne Challenge. » Read More...
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CAE announces changes to its Board of Directors

Mr. Decostre's appointment is in conjunction with the retirement of Mr. Michael E. Roach, who has served on the Board since 2017. » Read More...

Federal government announces completion of advanced materials laboratory

The construction of this new facility involved up to 100 workers on-site daily, generating local economic benefits. » Read More...