Single aisle aircraft drive global fleet recovery: report

Monica Ferguson   

Business Operations Aerospace Avia Solutions Group aviation industry post-Covid single-aisle aircraft undelivered aircraft

Number of single-aisle aircraft scheduled for delivery. Photo: Avia Solutions Group.

Avia Solutions Group announced that figures have shown single-aisle aircraft and their variants have become commercially active, meaning these aircraft will likely become a key part in the narrow body market in the post-Covid recovery period.

More than 80 per cent of installed fleet constitutes single-aisle aircraft, ranging from small to middle-sized planes. The long-term outlook is that the aviation market will likely shift towards narrow-body, with single-aisle aircraft share in the global commercial aviation market increasing to over 56 per cent in the next five years.

Since the dawning of the pandemic, we have seen a couple of these airlines shift towards larger narrow body, even though the migration appears slower than expected due to the backlog of undelivered aircraft. The aviation industry has noted a gradual transition towards large single-aisle, with the current projections indicating that these aircraft variants have increased by over 50 per cent compared to pre-pandemic figures.



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