Siemens to supply Calgary with 60 LRT vehicles

They’ll replace some of the current U2 Siemens vehicles from the 1980s.

The new Siemens S200 Calgary Transit. Photo: Siemens

OAKVILLE, Ont. — Siemens Canada has been awarded an order for 60 new S200 high-floor, light rail vehicles by the City of Calgary.

The new trains will replace a portion of the current fleet of Siemens U2 LRTs supplied to Calgary Transit in the 1980s.

The company said the LRTs have been designed to withstand Calgary’s weather with increased thermal insulation in walls, triple-pane side windows with low solar transmittance, and electric floor heating combined with forced air heating and cooling.

The vehicles are also fitted with advanced corrosion protection coatings.

Maintenance is helped along with diagnostic data transmitted automatically and wirelessly to wayside operations, allowing the source of any issues to be detected and resolved quickly.

Calgary’s LRT system averages more than 300,000 passengers daily.

Siemens Canada, based in Oakville, Ont., employs more than 4,500 people at 53 offices and 14 manufacturing and assembly plants across Canada that work in industry, energy, health-care and infrastructure-related business.