Nuclear engineer joins enCore energy board

Monica Ferguson   

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Uranium development company, enCore Energy, appointed Susan Hoxie-Key as the newest member of its board of directors.

“We are pleased to welcome Susan to the board of directors of enCore Energy,” said William M. Sheriff, Executive Chairman, enCore. “Susan brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the Company from the user end of the nuclear fuel cycle. She is a recognized nuclear industry leader and operator with over 40 years’ experience. Her knowledge, skillset and strong relationships with our industry, government agencies and regulators will complement our existing board members who together provide enCore with direct expertise in all elements of the nuclear fuel cycle from uranium discovery and production through conversion and enrichment to consumption in nuclear plant power generation. She will be an incredible asset for our company as we advance our strategic plan.”

Hoxie-Key has over 40 years of engineering experience covering nuclear core design, nuclear fuel-related licensing, nuclear fuel procurement, oversight of nuclear fuel-related engineering products, and direct support of reactor operations.

Hoxie-Key worked for Southern Nuclear Operating Company for 31 years, where she directed and conducted projects involving in-reactor fuel performance, fuel procurement, fuel-related licensing, and core design. She served as the SNC lead for nuclear industry efforts to increase the uranium enrichment limit above five weight per cent and to increase the current licensed fuel burnup limit.



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