Manufacturing execs ENGAGE to break through business barriers

Manufacturing execs ENGAGE to break through business barriers

May 9, 2013   by PLANT STAFF

OWEN SOUND, Ont. —  The Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium of Canada (EMC) has launched a new program for manufacturers at the executive level to share best practices and overcome business barriers.

The ENGAGE program brings together forums of 10 or 12 senior executives and company owners who will network and collaborate on ways to break through barriers that impede business growth and profitability.

“Many companies have told us they are not only competing for new business and customers around the world, but also competing at home to attract and develop talented leadership with the expertise necessary to grow and become more competitive,” said Al Diggins, EMC’s president and general manager based in Owen Sound, Ont.

EMC is targeting continuous six and seven figure sustainable improvements for participating companies.

Each Engage Forum will be facilitated by an experienced senior executive, who has successfully led manufacturing businesses through turnarounds, transformations and acquisitions, said Dave Jarrett, senior field advisor and lead facilitator of the ENGAGE program.

The sessions will begin with a group in Whitby, Ont. on June 4 with the intent that a network of forums and leaders will spread across the country.

To register for the free inaugural session e-mail Dave Jarrett.

A Continuous Improvement Exchange event will follow, which requires separate registration.

EMC is a not-for-profit organization that helps Canadian manufacturers become more competitive through hands-on industry events.

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