Imint and RealWear collaborate to bring quality video

April 28, 2021   Maryam Farag

Imint Image Intelligence AB announced collaboration with RealWear Inc.

Under the agreement, Imint’s Vidhance software is integrated into RealWear’s flagship HMT-1 voice-controlled device, delivering video performance to frontline workers who need hands-free access for visual communications and information.

“RealWear’s hands-free platform is the gold standard for industrial wearables and is an ideal application for Imint’s industry-leading video optimization software, which has already proven essential in today’s leading smartphones and other mobile devices,” said Andreas Lifvendahl, CEO, Imint. “Imint’s Vidhance video enhancement software, together with RealWear’s advanced technology, ensures optimal video performance for both recording procedures and real-time viewing by a remote expert.”

The HMT-1 allows remote technicians to “see” what frontline workers see while maintaining a safe distance during the pandemic, or by bringing their expertise to bear without incurring travel costs.


RealWear is leveraging Imint’s Vidhance video optimization software, which is included in Release 12 of the HMT firmware update. RealWear Release 12 will incorporate Imint’s Vidhance Video Stabilization and Vidhance Dynamic Blur Reduction, two technologies that compensate for camera movement to deliver the stable video, especially in low-light environments.