EverWind and Potlotek to support green hydrogen development in Nova Scotia

By Plant staff   

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EverWind Fuels Company is partnering with Potlotek Development Corporation in the development of its green hydrogen and green ammonia project at its facility in Point Tupper Nova Scotia.

The two companies signed a MOU after receiving unanimous support from the band council. This is the third MOU signed between EverWind and Mi’kmaq Corporations in Nova Scotia.

EverWind’s mission is to support the green energy transition and strengthens Nova Scotia’s position in reaching net zero emissions. Using renewable technology, the project’s initial phases total an estimated USD $6 billion in capital expenditures.


“We are committed to learning from traditional environmental stewardship practices and integrating these approaches throughout the development and operation of this project,” said Trent Vichie, CEO, EverWind. “The climate crisis was created by industries that had little concern for their cumulative impacts. Mi’kmaq consider the impact of any development on the next seven generations. At EverWind we commit to do the same, with the aspiration of creating a cleaner, greener Nova Scotia for all.”


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