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Industrial test and measurement technologies from Nordson, Olympus, Mitutoyo, Weidmuller and Automation Products Group.

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Meters monitor, control material during production
Nordson TruFlow TruFlow meters from Nordson Corp. monitor and control material flow during all phases and line speeds of production for nonwovens, product assembly and packaging applications. This variation management capability allows manufacturers to measure, understand and improve material delivery and dispensing to reduce waste, improve product quality and enhance production efficiency. Variation management is especially valuable in nonwoven disposable hygiene product manufacturing with demanding, rapidly-changing flow requirements during ramp up and ramp down. The TruFlow consistently measures actual material flow rates. It operates across a broad flow range of 10 to 500 ccs per minute, with a wide spectrum of material viscosities and temperatures. Simple connections and compact size make them adaptable to most production environments. Nordson Corp. is a manufacturer of precision technology products based in Duluth, Ga.
Multimetre optimizes bench design
Keithley 2110 Keithley Instruments Inc.’s 2110 5-1/2-digit dual-display multimetre handles a number of general-purpose system and bench design applications. Features include external triggering, a built-in reading buffer and an optional GPIB interface. Capabilities include: DC voltage (up to 1,000 V) and current (up to 10 A); AC voltage (up to 750 V) and current (up to 10 A); two- and four-wire resistance (up to 100 mega-ohms); temperature, frequency (10 Hz–300 kHz) and period; and capacitance (1 nanofarad to 100 microfarad ranges) measurements.
A variety of mathematical functions and diode and continuity test functions are also included. A programmable A-D converter and filter settings optimize the signal-to-noise ratio to improve measurement accuracy. At the fast 4-1/2-digit setting, it takes up to 50,000 readings per second.
The instrument’s dual display shows results from two measurements simultaneously, such as DC voltage and temperature, so users can monitor temperature fluctuations without interrupting other measurements.
Keithley Instruments is a manufacturer of electrical test equipment based in Cleveland.
Do a quick pressure check
APG Sensors Check pressure status with just a glance using the PG10 digital gauge from Automation Products Group Inc. This IP65 rated indoor/outdoor gauge has a 5.5-in. display casing, full five-digit display with 0.68-in. characters, a 270-degree digital “dial” or radial bar graph that shows a user-selectable pressure range from 0 to 100%, and four large set-up buttons.Standard features include tare, peak hold, and max-min readings, as well as user-selectable units of measure and an auto-off timer. Two solid-state relays or SPDT mechanical relay outputs for basic to semi-advanced automation are optional. The gauge operates within a 0 to 160 degree F range and is accurate by ±0.25%. Pressures range from vacuum to 500 psi, or 0 to 10,000 psi.Outputs are 0-2 VDC for battery-powered units, 4-20 mA for loop-powered units, and 0-5 VDC for externally powered units. Data logging provides local access to the latest 60 readings. The Automation Products Group Inc. based in Logan, Utah supplies level and pressure sensing solutions for process control applications.
Streamline surge protection testing
Weidmuller's V-Test To effectively protect equipment, operators must test surge protection devices regularly. Weidmuller’s V-Test portable unit streamlines testing with the Varitector VSPC pluggable surge protectors.The instrumentation manufacturer says the hand-held, battery-driven unit takes seconds to perform the test, without disconnecting any wiring from the installed surge protection device. Pluggable arrestors feature optional remote status, where the surge protector generates an alarm when the control system has not detected the condition. This works well with V-Test to confirm the condition of the arrester. Simply plug the arrester module into the the V-Test, enter the 10-digit item number via the keypad, observe the resulting “OK” or “NOT OK” display, and replace a failed arrester with a spare to get the system back in operation. The Weidmuller Group, based in Richmond, Va., makes industrial instrumentation.
SJ-301 improves surface testing
Mitutoyo SJ-301 Mitutoyo Canada Inc. has improved the surface measurement capabilities of the SJ-301 with the SJ-310 portable surface roughness tester. It comes with the same carrying case and includes a large colour LCD touch panel for high visibility, as well as the option to choose from one of 16 display languages. The X-axis measuring range is 16 mm (5.6 mm with a transverse tracing drive unit), and the resolution of the detector is 360 μm. Three drive units are available: standard, transverse tracing and retractable. External ports include USB, Digimatic output, RS-232C port and footswitch. Power is supplied from either a built-in Ni-MH rechargeable battery or an AC adapter. An optional SD memory card stores large amounts of measurement results and condition data and a high-speed, high-quality thermal printer built into the display unit prints approximately 1.5-times faster than the printer for the SJ-301. Mitutoyo, based in Toronto, is a supplier of measurement and inspection instruments.
Measures without coating removal
Olympus NDT 45MG You don’t have to mess up a product part to get a thickness measurement with Olympus NDT’s handheld 45MG ultrasonic gauge. It’s used for applications ranging from wall-thinning measurements of internally corroded pipes using dual element probes to very precise measurements of thin materials using single element transducers. Optional Thru-Coat and Echo-to-Echo technologies measure thicknesses without removing paint and coatings, and time-based B-scan converts live thickness readings into cross-sectional drawings. An optional single element high penetration feature measures on thick or highly attenuating materials, such as cast metals, rubber and fibreglass. It handles a range of weather conditions and difficult inspection environments, and meets IP67 requirements. An optional data logger provides internal storage capacity of inspection data equivalent to more than 475,000 thickness readings, or 20,000 waveforms in various file formats, while the MicroSD card slot provides additional storage. Olympus NDT is a manufacturer of non-destructive testing instruments based in Waltham, Mass.