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SK 200E drives add HP
NORD SK200E NORD DriveSystems has extended its SK 200E line of decentralized drives for motor or wall mounting with a size 4 inverter that has a rated power output of 15 to 30 hp.IP55 housing protects the self-cooling inverters from dust and water jets. Standard functions include sensorless current vector control, an integrated brake chopper, a control module for an electromagnetic brake, and “Safe Torque Off” safety feature. There’s a choice of control boxes or free NORDCON software for programming and operation. Common applications can be quickly selected via DIP switches. An analogue input allows for variable speed adjustment of the pump drive, and if a pressure or flow sensor is connected to the second analogue input, the SK 200E actively and autonomously controls process values. During partial load operation, an integrated energy saving function kicks in. The new size 4 is a practical extension to the SK 200E family, applications that include locally transporting heavy loads in large conveyor systems. Power electronics integrated in the motor or mounted nearby generate savings by making long shielded motor cables, output filters and chokes unnecessary. NORD DriveSystems is a manufacturer of drives based in Germany with 60 international locations. Nord Gear Ltd. is based in Brampton, Ont.